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About the author:

Zvonimir Haramija Hans is an artist whose interests lie in various fields of visual arts. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007 where he attended the Graphic Arts Department headed by professor Ivica Šiško. He works not only with traditional media and techniques such as drawing, collage, painting and mural painting but also with computer graphics, photomontage and animation. Furthermore, he creates animated music videos in cooperation with other artists.

Whether he expresses himself in drawing, collage, painting or any other technique or media, the theme that recurs in his artwork can be defined as the search for things which are mutually exclusive or the search for harmony in contrasts. Hans often explores this theme by using the classical motif of the beauty and the beast and sometimes even by uniting the complete opposites, mutually exclusive bizarre characters or situations, old and new, contemporary and retro. Thus, it can be concluded that one of the most important characteristics and the driving force of his creative work is humor. He is inspired by pop culture (films, music, street art, design) as well as dusty art history books, old magazines and the works of contemporary artists.