Prespress instructions

When sending design, make sure that:

  • files are PDF format (PDF/X-4 standard)
  • output profile Adobe Distiller is “Press quality”or Baltazar’s profile (download here)
  • embed all fonts or alternatively convert text to the curves
  • Bitmap graphics should be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and in CMYK system of colors
  • black text and vector graphics have “overprint” on
  • light text and vector graphics have “overprint” off (knockout)
  • cut and crease and all marks which should not to be printed, have to be defined as a spot colour and marked as “overprint”
  • the document has defined bleed of minimum 3 mm
  • crop marks are minimum 3 mm far/distant from the design

Also pay attention of the following:

  • Total Ink Coverage to be
    • 340% for coated paper
    • 300% for cardboard
    • 270% for uncoated paper
  • Rich Black should not exceed these values for single type of material
  • Text size should not be less than 6 pt when printed/pressed in one colour, or 7 pt when printed/pressed in many colours or in negative
  • Lines in press should not be thinner than:
    • 0,15 mm – positive press in one colour
    • 0,20 mm – positive press in more than one colour
    • 0,20 mm – printing negatives

For additional instructions and settings for DTP applications please do not hesitate to contact our prepress team.